Born in a textile family in south China, Shanshan Ruan came to France in 2007 pursuing in Fashion Design at ESMOD. After polishing her skills in French haute-couture houses Alexis Mabille and Anne Valérie Hash, she had a brief experience in the quintessential multi-labels boutique L’Eclaireur. 

With these eye-opening adventures she felt inspired, and designed her first collection ‘In Motion’,where the hand-painting element was introduced and explored in a subtle and ethereal way. Shanshan Ruan founded her eponymous label in 2013, after winning the Public Prize at the 28th Hyères Festival of Fashion and Photography with her first collection. Today she designs and paints in her Paris atelier, offering crafted contemporary ready-to-wear pieces. 


소녀적인 사랑스러움이 특징인 샹샹 루안은 무질서하면서도 정돈되어진 무드의 디자인을 선보인다. H.Lorenzo, L’Claireur 등 세계 유명 부티끄에서 진행중인 브랜드로, 디자이너는 프랑스 ESMOD에서 패션 디자인을 전공하고 2013 Festival of Hyeres에서 퍼블릭상을 수상하며, 현재 파리 아틀리에에서 수작업으로 RTW와 더불어 미술작품도 작업하고 있다. 오간자, 레이스, 리본등의 디테일을 즐겨 사용한다.

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In April 2018, She had enjoyed a brief trip to Japan. It was during the Sakura Season. Although have had heard and seen in pictures, she was struck by the beauty of it. The cherry blossom trees could be seen everywhere, in the cities and countrysides, some alone, some in row, some in packs. She had the impression even the air had changed somehow, it was floating, bubbling, having a pinkish glow. The Spring-summer 2019 is therefore a recollection of this voyage. As usual, She started seeking answers in fabrics. The seersucker, an originally Persian fabric, of which the threads are bunched together creating wrinkled effect, holds away the fabric from the skin when worn— an ideal summer fabric and so accurately reflecting her inspiration.

작년 봄, 일본 여행에서 본 벚꽃 나무와 그 곳에서 받은 영감으로 시작되었다. 디자이너 샹샹은 그 곳에서 느낀 분홍빛 공기들의 움직임과 흐름을 포착하여 디자인에 담아내며, 특히 seersucker(시어서커)라는 페르시아 직물은 입었을 때 피부로부터 직물을 잡아당겨 여름과 잘 어울리는 이상적인 직물로서 그녀의 영감을 정확하게 반영해주는 재료로 사용되었다. 이번 컬렉션은 천연 염색으로 만들어진 파스텔 톤의 피스들, 그리고 질감과 실루엣의 대비가 가장 큰 매력이라고 할 수 있다.

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