Yohei Ohno is a Tokyo-based fashion designer. He started his education at Bunka Fashion College to acquire fundamental pattern cutting and sewing skills. After winning a scholarship to study at Nottingham Trent University, he moved to the UK and presented his graduate collection in London in 2014. Back in Japan he launched his own label, YOHEI OHNO in the end of 2014, and debuted with his fall2015 collection. In 2016, he won "TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2017" and presented his first runway show in Amazon Fashion Week fall2017.

YOHEI OHNO’s aesthetic comes from art, architecture. The brand’s design represents women who appreciate culture and have a strong sense of curiosity in their daily lives. YOHEI OHNO’s SS19 collection is inspired by the melancholic Californian summer pictured in David Lynch filmography and Stephen Shore's photography. With the defined, slightly darker color palette and the textures of the swimwear and the raffia-like fabrics, SS19 collection delivers intriguing cold-summer looks.

요헤이 오노는 도쿄에 기반을 둔 신진 라벨로, 2014년 말 YOHEI OHNO라는 레이블 이래, 2015년 가을 컬렉션 으로데뷔한요헤이는,2016년에는"TOKYOFASHIONAWARD2017"을수상한이후, 2017년가을아마존패션 위크에서 첫 런웨이 쇼를 선보였다. 분카 패션 대학에서 패턴과 테크닉의 기초를 다진 요헤이는 이후 영국 노팅엄 트렌트 대학에서 장학생으로 공부한 후 2014년 런던에서 졸업 컬렉션을 선보였다.

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