Lena Lumelsky has created her eponymous label in 2009, after graduating the prestigious Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Her first collection was created exclusively for the Antwerp-based boutique Ra. At the Royal Academy Lena learned how to express of vision of fashion through her individual designer statement. The essence of Lena Lumelsky brand is artisanal clothing made with love for people with sense and understanding. Lena’s aesthetic and construction methods are unmistakably influenced by her years in Antwerp.

디자이너 Helena Lumelsky는 앤드워프 왕립 미술학교 출신으로 2014 LVMH Prize가 선정한 탑 30 디자이너 이다. 다양한 디테일을 활용해 새로운 방법과 스타일로 여성스러움을 표현할 수 있는 멀티레이어링 스타일을 제안하며, 옷 제작에 있어 수작업은 만드는 사람과 입는 사람을 연결시켜주며, 옷에 특별한 가치를 불어넣는 에너지라고 여긴다.

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