Born in Toulouse in 1980 - Ben Taverniti attended Esmod Fashion Institute in Paris and earned his bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design. Meanwhile his studies, he worked as Design Assistant to Jeremy Scott, defining guidelines of his personal and unconventional style. Ben Taverniti started his career as young and talented Head Designer at Taverniti Couture in Paris. At 24, he moved to LA, where he made waves in the premium denim market for years, firstly working for Taverniti Denim. In 2007, he became the creative director at Hudson Jeans. 

In 2015, the ever-evolving Taverniti is once again disrupting the fashion industry with Unravel Project. Abandoning all commercial compromise, Unravel Project is a defiant luxury style that disrupts and reimagines a high quality, self-expressed and timeless basic. Immediately, Unravel Project caught the attention of important stores as Harrods, Net-à-Porter and Barneys, top models as Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid and celebrities in the music scene as Rihanna, Rita Ora and Migos.

언래블은 LA와 유러피안 감성을 동시에 지닌 브랜드로 엣지있는 sexy high-end streetwear 스타일을 제안한다. 봄버자켓, 티셔츠, 청바지 등 기본적인 카테고리를 언래블만의 새로운 기본을 창조하며, 성별 구분 없는 스타일의 디자인을 선보인다. 특히, 별다른 협찬없이 킴카다시안, 카일리 제너, 아리아나 그란데, 리한나 등 많은 셀러브리티가 자발적으로 즐겨입는 브랜드로 알려져있다. 디자이너 Ben Taverniti는 제레미 스캇, 허드슨 진에서 경력을 쌓았고 2017 Yeezy 시즌5의 디자인 디렉터로 활동하기도 했다.

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