Born in a textile family in south China, Shanshan Ruan came to France in 2007 pursuing in Fashion Design at ESMOD. After polishing her skills in French haute-couture houses Alexis Mabille and Anne Valérie Hash, she had a brief experience in the quintessential multi-labels boutique L’Eclaireur. 

With these eye-opening adventures she felt inspired, and designed her first collection ‘In Motion’,where the hand-painting element was introduced and explored in a subtle and ethereal way. Shanshan Ruan founded her eponymous label in 2013, after winning the Public Prize at the 28th Hyères Festival of Fashion and Photography with her first collection. Today she designs and paints in her Paris atelier, offering crafted contemporary ready-to-wear pieces. 


무질서하면서도 정돈되어진 무드를 디자인 모토를 삼는 “샹샹 루안”은, 레이스와 리본 디테일이 돋보이는 로맨틱한 하이브리드, 레이어드 피스들을 주로 선보인다. 디자이너는 프랑스 에스모드에서 패션 디자인을 전공하고 2013 Festival of Hyeres에서 퍼블릭상을 수상하며, 현재 파리 아틀리에에서 수작업으로 RTW와 더불어 미술작품도 작업하고 있다.


ADEKUVER, pronounced [ah-dé-ku-vé]