Born in Nagano, Maiko Kurogouchi, the creative mind behind Tokyo’s Mame Label, challenges clichés. Urban gardens, cobblestone floors, traditional kimonos, office stationery, meat netting the shining star of the archipelago’s new generation of open-minded and cross-disciplinary fashion desi- gners finds inspiration in everything. Her work is infused with both contemporary art and everyday beauty. Since 2010, the Bunka Fashion College graduate, who cut her teeth at Issey Miyake and is known for her unique blend of the avant-garde with the traditional, has had the wind in her sails. Unanimously praised, her designs for contemporary, globe-trotting, confident women were showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and at the Centre Pompidou-Metz.

일본 Nagano 출신의 디자이너 Maiko Kurogouchi가 런칭한 브랜드로서 유서 깊은 전통 옷을 신선한 방법으로 재해석하며, 정교한 수작업으로 이루어지는 특색 있는 니트 웨어를 중심으로 현대적인 여성의 룩을 제안한다. 디자이너는 2014 마이니치 패션 어워드 베스트 신인상, 2017 도쿄 패션 프라이즈 우승자이며, 브랜드 런칭 전 이세이 미야케에서 일하며 경력을 쌓았다.

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